The One With The Accidental Life Lesson

I'm a huge fan of the show FRIENDS. Like, don't even challenge me on FRIENDS trivia. But for all the laughs I and my kids have gotten (and continue to get) out of the show, I learned one really important lesson while watching. In one particular episode, a character said something particularly sarcastic to another, a line I had watched a thousand times before; this time, however, it stood out as something that would've almost definitely been the beginning of a fight between friends in real life. At the very least, some feelings would've been hurt. The character on the receiving end of the snark, however, simply moved on to their next line, completely letting the comment fly by unanswered. It

A Woman's Job

Since there a billion places online to find voices, and those are often substandard, from time to time clients ask me to recommend female voice actors. Here are just a few lovely ladies with whom I've had the good fortune of becoming long-distance friends, all of whom are wildly talented and capable of performing in a variety of roles. Lisa Biggs Kelley Buttrick Rachel Fulginitti

We All Have A Piece of The Puzzle

Escape Rooms are becoming all the rage, with teams of friends or co-workers trying to solve a series of puzzles in order to "free" themselves from a locked room before the timer goes off. The idea is that each person contributes and the group is able to solve problems faster than one person could on their own. The takeaway is that none of us has all the answers. That's true in the world of voice over when talking about the pros and cons of different mics, in the world of advertising when it comes to best placement, and in every other facet of life. Yet, too often, we adopt an "all or nothing" stance when it comes to the most important aspects of our lives. Politics. Faith. Relationships. I'm

Easily Drink A Gallon of Water Per Day

As a voice actor, I have to pay special attention to throat health. To that end, I drink tea and a lot of water (plenty of coffee, too!). No matter what you do, though, drinking enough water is important. You've heard the recommendation: "You should drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day." That's a half gallon. If you're working with a trainer, they'll tell you to down a whole gallon of H2O per day. Either way, most of us don't get enough. Our body is made up of roughly 60% water and all our systems function better when they have an adequate supply. We sleep better, muscles are energized, and skin stays healthier. Additionally, headed toward the goal of a gallon a day helps keep you from g

Fave Fast Foods

As the voice of Little Caesar's Pizza, I appreciated (but was not surprised at) seeing the brand among American's top favorites! The American Customer Satisfaction Index surveyed thousands, and these are the top 10 fast-food restaurants along with their favorability ranking (out of 100). 1. Chick-fil-A: 87 2. Papa John's: 82 3. Little Caesars: 81 (tie) 3. Panara Bread: 81 (tie) 5. Arby's: 80 (tie) 5. Dunkin' Donuts: 80 (tie) 5. Subway: 80 (tie) 8. Chipotle Mexican Grill: 78 (tie) 8. Domino's: 78 (tie) 8. KFC: 78 (tie) PIZZA! PIZZA! #food #LittleCaesarsPizza #brand

Gotta Catch 'Em All

This woman is awesome. She was getting frustrated with people coming into her workplace just to try to catch various Pokemon that were spawning in the area, so she took a proactive approach. And it backfired big time. Watch her video below. #pokemon #pokemongo #funny

What Constitutes "The Extra Mile?"

After walking the dog this morning, I was looking out over the lawn and lamenting its lack of green and fullness compared to the neighbors' yards. "What more do I have to do," I wondered, "I've used lawn growth additives, I water regularly, and I keep it a healthy length." The difference is that my neighbor tends his lawn much more diligently. He's always out there performing some sort of landscape magic, and it shows. We experience similar frustrations in other areas. We drink a protein shake and go the gym regularly, yet we don't look like the super fit people who resemble fitness magazine covers. We put in 40-50 hours per week (or more) at our job, but don't see it going anywhere. Sometim

Is Voice Acting Right For You?

I'm not gonna lie- this is a really cool job. I get to work with other creatives, helping to tell stories, and I mostly work from my home studio. To that end, it's not uncommon to be asked "How does one get into voice acting?" There are two types of people who pursue a career in this industry: 1) Those who have been told they "have a great voice," and people who think it'd just be an easy way to make a buck. 2) Entertainers. I probably needn't tell you which of the two winds up being successful. Voice acting is just that: acting. So, if you cannot picture yourself acting on a stage or in front of a camera, you won't be successful behind a mic in this profession. Don't be discouraged if you'r

Do Something Today That Matters

Our dog, Duke, was snugged up next to me as we sat on the stairs saying goodbye to my son, as he headed off to work for the evening. Scratching Duke's neck as the door closed and the house fell suddenly quiet, my very first thought was, "what do I do with my evening?" House to myself. Do I wanna watch a movie? Sit and play games on the iPad? It occurred to me in that moment, that the go-to when we have time to ourselves is to just soak it up and do whatever we feel will bring us the most pleasure in that moment. In that moment. But, it's not this moment that will matter five years from now if all I do is watch "Deadpool" again. This moment won't matter when a family member needs help, or I w

Refresh Our Hearts

The news of late has been horrific. Divisive politics. Racial strife. Senseless killing. And while I believe it is responsible to be informed, to know what's going on in our world... Today I choose to think about better things. Today, I will think about: My children's laughter. Birthday parties at the park with family. Sloppily eating a piece of watermelon. Sitting in front of the window A/C at Grandma and Grandpa's house on a hot summer day, letting my cheeks get cold, before running outside to play again. Being called "uncle." Watching football on a Sunday morning with my brother. That first kiss. I'm not advocating we stick our heads in the sand... only that we occasionally refresh our he

What's Your Story?

Whether it's for a national brand, a small business, or even an individual, the best way to reach people with your message is to tell a story. This has been true throughout the ages, as the finest storytellers have made us love, laugh, cry, and yearn to be more like the characters in those tales. This Chipotle video does all that. Never have the rewards of great storytelling been more obvious or instant than the age of social media and viral videos. Remember Chewbacca Mom? Her story was that of a busy mother taking a few moments for herself sitting in her car outside a department store... a few minutes of unadulterated joy. Who doesn't want that? So, we lived through her and shared her joy.

Be Proud Of That Old Pic With Embarrassing Hair

Whether it was the 90s, 80s, or earlier, we all have that photo of ourselves that we now find mortally embarrassing. Strange clothing choices, weird glasses, and HOW in the world (or WHY!?) did we do that to our hair? It occurred to me today that these pictures are something to be proud of! Why? Me on the left, circa 19-forever-ago. Because it got better. This morning, a client sent me a spot I recorded just a couple years ago as reference. Though not as outdated as the glasses in the above pic, something about my read sounded a bit less mature to me. At that time, I was the best I had ever been, but the goal of those with goals is to be ever improving. Sometimes when we look to the past, we

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