Where To Look When You Need A Voice

If you're looking for a voice for your project, and the ethics of people you do business with matter at all, you should know that not all sites are created equal. There are several shady and misleading websites out there, some of them quite large, purporting to pair voice talent with those in search of voice talent, all the while looking to bilk both parties in the process. Here are a couple of the good ones. These are honest people working to introduce voice-seekers to qualified talent, as transparently and fairly as possible. These aren't the only voice over sites operated by decent people, but they're some of the ones with which I've been most impressed, from the agents to the talent they

Death By A Thousand Cuts

Death by a thousand cuts. Drop in the bucket. Needle in a haystack. Three examples of tiny ineffectual events, except in the one case where the tiny thing is continually piled on. One little cut is no big deal. A thousand cuts is serious. One little drop in a bucket is entirely inconsequential. Keep adding another drop, and another drop, and before you know it the bucket is full. And let's not even talk about an entire "haystack" comprised of needles. Our lives are not unlike these examples. Day to day, we do so many things that seem inconsequential. We interact with so many people for a moment. A barista. A child's teacher. A co-worker. As there are very few Big Events in our lives, our jou

How Bad Do Ya Want It?

How persistent are you with your dreams? How many times can you hear "no" before you quit chasing your passion? Finding someone to loan you money can be tricky, especially when you're launching a new startup with which few people are familiar. Wanna start a restaurant? Great. We know what that looks like. Here's a bucket of cash. Want to start a theme park based on a rodent? When there are no theme parks and people can't quite envision what you see in your own daydreams. It's tough. Legend has it Walt Disney was turned down by banks and investors 302 times before finally getting funding for Disney World. Can you IMAGINE hearing "no" 300 times!? What about 10 times? It's safe to say most of u

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