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Be Proud Of That Old Pic With Embarrassing Hair

Whether it was the 90s, 80s, or earlier, we all have that photo of ourselves that we now find mortally embarrassing. Strange clothing choices, weird glasses, and HOW in the world (or WHY!?) did we do that to our hair? It occurred to me today that these pictures are something to be proud of! Why?

Me on the left, circa 19-forever-ago.

Because it got better.

This morning, a client sent me a spot I recorded just a couple years ago as reference. Though not as outdated as the glasses in the above pic, something about my read sounded a bit less mature to me. At that time, I was the best I had ever been, but the goal of those with goals is to be ever improving.

Sometimes when we look to the past, we're embarrassed by how ridiculous we looked, sounded, or acted, but it is only by measuring ourselves against yesterday that we can see improvements today.

So, be proud of that retro hair. Just don't ever do that to your head again.

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