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What's Your Story?

Whether it's for a national brand, a small business, or even an individual, the best way to reach people with your message is to tell a story. This has been true throughout the ages, as the finest storytellers have made us love, laugh, cry, and yearn to be more like the characters in those tales. This Chipotle video does all that.

Never have the rewards of great storytelling been more obvious or instant than the age of social media and viral videos. Remember Chewbacca Mom? Her story was that of a busy mother taking a few moments for herself sitting in her car outside a department store... a few minutes of unadulterated joy. Who doesn't want that? So, we lived through her and shared her joy. These sort of connections are prevalent across the internet.

We all have a story that others relate to, it just needs to be simplified and told in a way that's interesting, captivating, and memorable. And for that, you need a great storyteller.

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