• Dawson

Refresh Our Hearts

The news of late has been horrific. Divisive politics. Racial strife. Senseless killing. And while I believe it is responsible to be informed, to know what's going on in our world...

Today I choose to think about better things.

Today, I will think about:

My children's laughter.

Birthday parties at the park with family.

Sloppily eating a piece of watermelon.

Sitting in front of the window A/C at Grandma and Grandpa's house on a hot summer day, letting my cheeks get cold, before running outside to play again.

Being called "uncle."

Watching football on a Sunday morning with my brother.

That first kiss.

I'm not advocating we stick our heads in the sand... only that we occasionally refresh our hearts by taking a minute to enjoy the way the sand feels between our toes.

(photo: My sons, Jeffrey, Cody, and me)

#positivethinking #selfimprovement #growth

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