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Do Something Today That Matters

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Our dog, Duke, was snugged up next to me as we sat on the stairs saying goodbye to my son, as he headed off to work for the evening. Scratching Duke's neck as the door closed and the house fell suddenly quiet, my very first thought was, "what do I do with my evening?" House to myself. Do I wanna watch a movie? Sit and play games on the iPad? It occurred to me in that moment, that the go-to when we have time to ourselves is to just soak it up and do whatever we feel will bring us the most pleasure in that moment.

In that moment.

But, it's not this moment that will matter five years from now if all I do is watch "Deadpool" again. This moment won't matter when a family member needs help, or I want to fly to see my kids. This moment won't matter in building a legacy.

This moment will only matter ... if I make it matter.

It's important to relax and recharge, yes, but my goal is to not have "doing nothing" be the first thing on my agenda when there's free time. I have goals, dreams, self-imposed deadlines. So much I want to accomplish professionally and personally, that I need to make more moments matter. Even just a few minutes of progress will make a difference. Work out. Read. Do a few more auditions.

What are you doing today that forwards your goals? What are you doing today that you'll be proud of tomorrow? What are you doing today that will matter?

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