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Is Voice Acting Right For You?

I'm not gonna lie- this is a really cool job. I get to work with other creatives, helping to tell stories, and I mostly work from my home studio. To that end, it's not uncommon to be asked "How does one get into voice acting?"

There are two types of people who pursue a career in this industry:

1) Those who have been told they "have a great voice," and people who think it'd just be an easy way to make a buck.

2) Entertainers.

I probably needn't tell you which of the two winds up being successful.

Voice acting is just that: acting. So, if you cannot picture yourself acting on a stage or in front of a camera, you won't be successful behind a mic in this profession. Don't be discouraged if you're not currently a professional entertainer or actor, all you really need to fall into that second category is that Entertainer be your basic personality type. Whether a class clown, school thespian, filmmaker, or stand-up comic, if you have always worked to entertain others, then you have a wonderful foundation.

Once you decide you are a Performer at heart, you must acquire some basic acting and improv skills. There's much more that goes into this sort of work than simply reading a script. There's also a significant amount of cost.

If you're convinced now more than ever that voice acting is the career path for you, keep checking back here as I'm developing a comprehensive "How To Get Started In Voice Acting" mini-course. I'll cover the basics on the business side, including how to begin with very little cost and build as you grow. In the meantime, Job One would be to take some sort of certified acting course.

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