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What Constitutes "The Extra Mile?"

After walking the dog this morning, I was looking out over the lawn and lamenting its lack of green and fullness compared to the neighbors' yards. "What more do I have to do," I wondered, "I've used lawn growth additives, I water regularly, and I keep it a healthy length."

The difference is that my neighbor tends his lawn much more diligently. He's always out there performing some sort of landscape magic, and it shows.

We experience similar frustrations in other areas. We drink a protein shake and go the gym regularly, yet we don't look like the super fit people who resemble fitness magazine covers. We put in 40-50 hours per week (or more) at our job, but don't see it going anywhere.

Sometimes when it really feels like we're doing extra, we're actually just mowing and watering.

Doing the basics won't yield the results we want. After a few extra sweaty workouts we start wondering why we don't have that movie star body, but the truth is those people live that life all day, every day. If we're going to truly go that extra mile, whether it's fitness, some sort of charitable cause, or our career, we have to go all in.

To see a difference, we have to live, eat, and breathe the thing at which we want to excel.

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