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Easily Drink A Gallon of Water Per Day

As a voice actor, I have to pay special attention to throat health. To that end, I drink tea and a lot of water (plenty of coffee, too!). No matter what you do, though, drinking enough water is important. You've heard the recommendation: "You should drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day." That's a half gallon. If you're working with a trainer, they'll tell you to down a whole gallon of H2O per day. Either way, most of us don't get enough.

Our body is made up of roughly 60% water and all our systems function better when they have an adequate supply. We sleep better, muscles are energized, and skin stays healthier. Additionally, headed toward the goal of a gallon a day helps keep you from gettin' "snacky" in the afternoon and reaching for foods that are rough on the waistline. But, a GALLON!? Sounds impossible.

Here's the easiest way I've found to actually plow through the equivalent of 16 8oz glasses every single day.

First, as we are goal oriented beings, it helps to have an app that will aid us in that goal. I love the Waterlogged app. You can set your target amount of water to guzzle daily, it has reminders to help keep you on track, and every time you finish a bottle/cup/jar/jug/barrel of water, you tap the bottle on the screen, and it fills a bit... edging you that much closer to your goal. Waterlogged is free to use, but for $3.99 you can remove the ads and connect to your fitbit.

For me, the container has done a tremendous amount in helping move me toward that ridiculous-sounding goal. I've found the VOSS 27oz glass water bottle to be ideal for a number of reasons. First, the Norwegian artesian water is amazing! It's also expensive, so I only buy a bottle occasionally, then refill it with filtered water from my fridge. This size bottle is easy to carry, you can see and feel quick progress when drinking from it, but it's large enough to tide you over for a while. Big bonus is that it's always nicer to drink from glass; I feel this is important, because the nicer the experience, the more likely you are to do it throughout the day. Five of the 27oz jars per day will put you almost a full glass over the goal of one gallon.

Download the app, find you a glass jar, and you got this!

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