• Dawson

Death By A Thousand Cuts

Death by a thousand cuts. Drop in the bucket. Needle in a haystack. Three examples of tiny ineffectual events, except in the one case where the tiny thing is continually piled on.

One little cut is no big deal. A thousand cuts is serious.

One little drop in a bucket is entirely inconsequential. Keep adding another drop, and another drop, and before you know it the bucket is full.

And let's not even talk about an entire "haystack" comprised of needles.

Our lives are not unlike these examples. Day to day, we do so many things that seem inconsequential. We interact with so many people for a moment. A barista. A child's teacher. A co-worker. As there are very few Big Events in our lives, our journey is comprised mostly of these small things... and they do add up.

Consistently working out just a little.

Saying "I love you" when it's not expected and for no reason.

Telling someone you appreciate them, and why.

Or even doing one tiny good deed that no one sees but you and God.

Start your day refusing to die by a thousand cuts, rather, choose to live your life by a thousand tiny kindnesses. It is the accumulation of these small gestures that makes us who we are.

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